Am I paying attention?

I thought I was.

5 October
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A little about me. I'm married with three kids and a naughty dog. I'm a no longer working chick (for the moment) who constantly dreams of lenghty booze-filled vacations without the wonderful family.

Anyway. My journal is mostly RL rambling, occasional fangirl squeeing, (Brewers baseball during the season and any other things to do with men and stuff), and a fic or two if I'm feeling brave enough to post.I like a little bit of everything, this and that. If you find any of this even remotely interesting or relevant to you and want to friend me go ahead, I'll friend you back. If we've never talked, drop me a comment first, thanks. Being over 18 would be appreciated.

And this:

lost fic award nom

for these:
Satin Dreams and What Happens in Sawyer's Tent
was pretty cool. :)

My baseball boys:

"Cool Daddy" Prince Fielder on the left...
prince swings
And a special place in my heart for Craig Counsell
craig slides
for being an older player and still athletic and awesome.

And the stalking following of my former Brewers (favorites! these were favorites!) on other teams continues.
My Jason...still playing for the wrong team.

And J.J. Why did we trade him? Why? Look how pretty. And last, not least for sure...Bill Hall. ILU. These two are one of my favorite imaginary couples. Yes they are.

I'm also hiding writing fic at jaydblu_too which is 100% baseball oriented for the moment.

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